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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my beef come individually cut and wrapped?

Yes, all of the beef comes in individually labeled packages that are double butcher paper wrapped for freshness, and ready to go into your freezer. Beef comes in family size portions, which are typically 1 - 2 pound packages.

What do I get when I order a split-half, half or whole share?

When you order a share you are getting roughly equal amounts of ground beef and stew to steaks and roasts. The way to get all the cuts listed below is by ordering a whole share.  A half share and split-half share will get you the majority of the cuts listed below. Sometimes there are only one or two of a particular cut, for example a flank steak, so if you order a split-half you may or may not get that particular cut, but instead you may get something else of equal value. The butcher does his best at making equal cuts in each split-half.

Cut Sheet for Beef

Fillet Mignon
Top Round
London Broil
Bottom Round Roast
Eye of Round
Rump Roast
Sirloin Tip Roast
Sirloin Tip Steak
Cube Steak
Chuck Roast
Chuck Steak
Cross Rib Roast
Rib Steak
Market Steak
Short Ribs
Ground Beef
Flank Steak
Skirt Steak

Small bag of bones

How much does each share cost, weigh, and how much space does the split-half, half and whole take up in my freezer?

Split-half - $6.99 per pound (approximately 80-100 lbs*, 2 boxes*) 
Half - $6.99 per pound (approximately 160-200 lbs*, 4 boxes*)
Whole- $6.99 per pound (approximately 320-400 lbs*, 8 boxes*)

*To give you an idea of how much freezer space you will need for each share, each box is 2 cubic feet.

How long does the beef last in my freezer?

Typically you want to use the beef within a year of when you receive it. It is double butcher paper wrapped, so it will still taste great a year after you pick it up.

Do the shares come with all the bones and offal (heart, liver etc.) ?

The shares do not come with all the bones and extras. They only come with the meat. However, to prevent waste we do include one bag of bones per split-half, which is priced the same as the rest of the share. These bones can be used to make very tasty and nutritious beef stock, or make great treats for dogs. All of the offal including liver, kidney, heart, tongue and oxtail is available to be purchased separately along with your order.

Where Can I pick up My Share?

On the delivery date we stop at several locations including:


San Francisco

San Mateo

Half Moon Bay

San Gregorio


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