Pastured Pork

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Sold by the Individual Cut

Order Pork by the individual cut by visiting You will choose to pick up at one of our many locations around the Bay Area or delivered to your door (for orders of $75 or more in San Mateo County)

Sold by the Half or Whole SOLD OUT for 2013

To place your order and make a deposit visit and visit the Pork and Beef Shares section.

We sell the halves and wholes by the carcass weight. The carcass weight is typically about 2/3 live weight. So, if you have a 240 lb pig you end up with about 180 lbs of carcass weight. Then, depending on how you cut it, bone in or out, you end up with very little difference between carcass weight and frozen/wrapped finish weight. You then have the option of cutting up the pig yourself at home or having a butcher do it. We will deliver your pig carcass for you to Los Gatos Meats Smokehouse. The price charged by Los Gatos Meats Smokehouse will be your responsibility.

More On Pork

The happy pigs get to root around in areas of the ranch that are disturbed and could use some tilling to dig up some of the invasive species such as thistle. They are moved around with hot wire, which they learn quickly to respect. Buying Club members get first pick at the pork harvest.

Lea and Larry moving hot wire and rotating pigs.


Doniga rotating the pigs Pig's love grazing on the spring grass.

Here we are using the pigs to disturb the invasive plants in the area.


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