Special Thanks

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In a truly full-circle sustainable family farm we work cohesively with our community to form mutually beneficial relationships to work toward the goal of land stewardship.

We want to send a special thanks out to the owners of our ranch land.


Thanks to Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District for leasing us our home ranch. TOTO ranch in San Gregorio.


Thanks to Peninsula Open Space Trust for leasing us the Cloverdale Coastal Ranches in Pescadero CA.

Special Thanks to the Zaffaroni Family for leasing us ranches in Woodside and Bodega Bay.

Bodega Bay                                                                     Woodside

Special Thanks to Quail Brook Farm at a Place of Hope and Beauty


David rotating the herd through his Management Intensive Grazing system where his primary goal is to steward the land and bring the native grasses back into balance by utilizing cattle as a tool.

Sonoma Mountain Institute - Thank you Mark, Nate and Byron!

Nate Chisolm, Doniga and Mark Sindt and Quill after unloading the herd to lush Sonoma Mountain Pasture!

Black Sheep Farm, Willie Sue and Julian Orr

Willie Sue and Julian help us raise our replacement dairy heifers on their ranch in Pescadero.


We also want to thank the following:

Tom Borden pictured here building fence. Thanks Tom for milking the ladies!

Bay Aerial Helicopter, John DuGan aka The Dr.

Bay Aerial is an excellent local company. We highly recommend them for all your aerial needs, we use them for photos, transportation, checking livestock, and surveying all the property's we manage.

Sally Miller our State Brand Inspector

Sally with Quince

Thanks to Pastorino Hay


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