Markegard Family Grass-Fed is committed to taking care of the watershed that supports us.

Some of the management practices Markegard Family Grass-Fed utilizes on rangeland include keyline design, catchment ponds, permaculture, Holistic Management, rotational grazing and carbon farming.

Markegard Family Grass-Fed has hosted globally recognized rangeland managers including Brock Dolman, Darren Doherty and Joel Salatin. We are dedicated to spreading awareness of good land stewardship practices through education, outreach and action.

Markegard Family Grass-Fed Featured in EcoFarm Watershed Stewardship Case Studies

Education is an ongoing process at Markegard Family Grass-Fed. Check back regularly for upcoming workshops. Some previous workshops Markegard Family Grass-Fed has been a part of include:

  • 2-week Permaculture Design Course
  • Carbon Farming and Keyline Design with Darren Doherty
  • Cultivating Food Closer to Home with Joel Salatin
  • Workshops to convert Diesel engines to run on waste vegetable oil
  • The Principles of Raw Milk Production Farm Walk with Tim Wightman
  • Cheese Making 101, Farmstead Cheese Making & Bloomy Rinded Cheeses with Louella Hill

We bring school groupsto the ranch so the kids can learn that food doesn't really come from grocery stores. We also do ranch tours for the general public. Our Markegard Family Grass-Fed CSA members get special hands on experience feeding pigs, and watching a cattle move at our Ranch Days.